Nope. You decide when you want to use it, but we do require that you start before 31st March 2021.

Either is fine. You’ve got a 15-second slot to play with. Have fun and be creative!

Unfortunately not. We are however limiting our ad slots so that means more exposure time.

Yes you can, but it does depend on the availability of the slots.

Yeap! If you buy two, that just means you have either two 15-second slots, or one 30-second slot. The 20 cent campaign is currently set to only one slot. If you wish to purchase two slots, just let us know and we’ll sort it out.

You can update your visual/video as often as you want. After all, it’s your campaign!

Yes we can. We’ll have to charge you though, but yeah we’ll work something out together.

Lol there’s no catch. We’re playing our part to help local businesses like you to market.

We require you to commit to a minimum of 3 months.

No. We would need a one (1) month deposit, and monthly payments can commence when your campaign starts.


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